What to say to the Agent at the Open House

October 29, 2018

If you have been to a few Open House’s in your life, you have likely met one or two agents there who may have “rubbed you the wrong way”.

Maybe you are the type that likes to do most of the work yourself. You may be an experienced trader of real estate and you don’t need someone telling you about how great the walk-out basement is or that this neighbourhood is “up and coming”.

As an agent who does quite a few open houses, I would like to say, we understand you are hesitant to give us information. It could be the fear of giving away key information about your housing situation or that you are not interested in getting a monthly newsletter!

Here are a few ways to defuse an agent that you cannot get away from;

  1. “My Agent’s name is (Insert Here), their cellphone number is ###-###-#### if you would like to follow up with them.”

    • Simple. Straight to the point and should back off an over-eager agent looking to land a new client.
    • When I do an open house, yes, I would love to meet a new client. Our first priority is representing our current client – the seller. When sellers allow for an open house, they also would like feedback from the visitors. By giving your agents contact information to the Open house Agent, you are allowing them to get feedback without bothering you.
  2. Escalate to; “Thanks for the help but I am just looking, if I have questions I will be sure to ask”

    • Some agents are trained to be persistent when told you have an agent and may still feel there is an opportunity to add you to their client list. Politely be direct and tell them you would prefer a non-guided tour of the home. By assuring them you will ask a question if one comes up, it makes it difficult to re-engage a conversation.
  3. Politely scare them; “Oh this house is priced at its value? I think I would prefer to submit a low-ball offer – I have been looking for the last 4 years with multiple agents…by the way, I would like to see 4 other houses today- can you take me for private viewings?”

    • We are people with families and friends too. We actually have no intention of wasting your time and we value ours. If you are dealing with a “hungry” (obviously desperate) agent who will not leave you alone – say the line above. Either they will have flashbacks of previous time wasting clients and leave you alone OR you have just met an agent who may very well go to the ends of the earth to help you.

Should you protect sensitive information about your home search? YES!

Is saying that you are represented or that you would like to be left alone something that will hurt you financially? NO!

Just be honest with us. The agents who are truly there to serve their sellers will respect that and let you browse the home the way you want to!